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Point of Banking ATMs

Most small business owners like to keep their business all cash and a Point of Banking ATMs allows you to keep it that way. If you're taking Credit Cards, STOP! Why pay hundreds of dollars in Credit Card fees monthly, when you can put cash in your customers' hands to spend at your business, plus make money on every transaction.

Cincinnati ATM provides the Point of Banking ATM at no cost and our merchants make money on every transaction.

Standard counter top Point of Banking ATM (No cost for the equipment) Back light counter top / wall mounted Point of Banking ATM
(Requires $75.00 deposit)
Back light floor stand Point of Banking ATM (Requires $125.00 deposit)    


Merchant FAQ

How does a Point of Banking ATM work?
  Point of Banking ATMs work just like a standard ATM except they don't dispense cash. They dispense a receipt that is redeemed for cash at the merchant's counter.


  • Customer slides their card through the Point of Banking ATM.
  • Customer enters WITHDRAW.
  • Customer enters the dollar amount they want.
  • Customer enters their personal PIN.
  • Point of Banking ATM prints a receipt that is redeemed for cash at the merchant's counter.
Will a Point of Banking ATM increase my sales?
  Yes. From a national average, 35% of money dispensed from an ATM is spent back at that same location. For Bars and Night Clubs, it is an average of 85%.
Why don't I just start taking Credit Cards?
  If a merchant wants to start taking credit cards that's perfectly fine and as a matter of fact we can set that up for you. The problem is that credit card processing costs the merchant hundreds to thousands of dollars each month. A Point of Banking ATM pays the merchant and still provides cash to their customers.
Do I need a dedicated phone line?
  No. In most cases, you can use your existing phone or fax line.
Since the Point of Banking ATM runs on my phone line are there any long distance charges?
  No. The Point of Banking ATM dials up a toll free number so there are no long distance charges.
Is there a monthly fee?
  Yes. When your Point of Banking ATM is set up for the first time there is a one time charge of $30.00 for programming the ATM. The processor will then charge a batch fee of $5.00 per month.
Do I receive monthly reports?
  Yes. We provide online reports for free.
Is there any signage provided?
  Yes. We provide door decals at no cost. Neon fluorescent window ATM signs are $75.00 and hanging twirlers signs are $25.00
How fast do merchants get their funds?
  The funds that merchants pay out when their customers use the Point of Banking ATM are deposited back into their bank account in 1 to 3 business days. The profit made from the surcharge is deposited into the merchants account by the 20th of each month, for each previous month's transactions.
When I sign up, how long before I can expect my equipment?
  Once the simple paper work is done, it takes about 7 to 10 days.
What about charge backs?
  Charge backs are not an issue with Point of Banking ATMs since they only perform PIN based transactions.


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